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Marketing Campaign Management

UK Marketing Management’s objective is to provide its customers with the best services, from conception to completion of your campaign, from the best suppliers in the UK. Your marketing is just too important not to do this.

Whether you are planning to mail, email, or call your prospects, UK Marketing will help you avoid the pitfalls. By using our experience to source the very best suppliers for your project, you will save both time and money. Campaign management is essential to ensure that your brand is protected at all stages of the marketing process.

For all our services we will work with you to:

  • establish a comprehensive brief that covers everything you want to get out of the exercise
  • make suggestions for maximising ROI
  • convert your wishes into the technical jargon that is often necessary when dealing with mailing production houses, call centres and email broadcast companies
  • negotiate the best prices
  • schedule in the activity to suit your agenda not the suppliers
  • manage the process of executing the job
  • report back to you at all stages of the process
  • review the activity and propose how to move forward


Formulating a winning strategy is critical to the entire marketing process. It will indicate what strengths are to be developed and what weaknesses are to be put right, and precisely how this is to be done.

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The creative team will take you through the process from initial consultation through to concept designs and onto detailed drafts. From there we will progress to final copy sign off.

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Marketing Campaign Management