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Mailing List Cleaning

Our mailing list cleaning service includes running your data against the following suppression files: PAF, MPS, NCOA, Gone Away, The Bereavement Register and other Mortality files.

UKMM can reduce your mailing costs by ensuring that the data you use for your mailing campaign is as fresh and up-to-date as possible, and complies with industry best practice. We can accept your raw data via a number of methods (Email, CD, FTP) and file types ASCII, .txt, MS Excel. Our data team will then process your data using the following files:

  • Post Office Address File – PAF validates your data to ensure the addresses are correct for mailing
  • Mailing Preference service – MPS ensures that you do not mail anybody who has previously registered to not receive direct mail
  • Gone Away Suppression File – the GAS file ensures you do not waste valuable printed materials and postage by mailing contacts who have been registered as having left a particular address
  • Bereavement Register – avoids the distress caused by mailing people who have deceased
  • Deduplication – again avoid wasting valuable mailing resources by not mailing to the same contact multiple times
  • Enhancement – UKMM can enhance your existing customer or prospect database with lifestyle variables or business related variables, depending on the nature of your requirement
  • Mailsort - processing your data through Mailsort software will maximise the postage discounts available for volume mailings

When the data has been processed it is ready to personalise any document. UKMM’s mailing partners use state of the art technology which allows personalisation of single and double sided A4 and A3 mailing pieces, envelopes, leaflets, address carriers, brochures and polythene wrapping.

Call 0870 760 6472 to talk to a representative about your mailing requirements, email us or use the contact us link to send us a brief.

Mailing List Cleaning