Automated email campaign

Automated email campaign | Recurring email campaign | Event triggered email campaign

Let us manage your automated email campaign. We can automate sending your campaigns based on event triggers such as a date or your clients behaviour. This works perfectly for instances where you need to follow up on a contact following a purchase or activity like a subscription renewal. This is ideal for CRM Sprograms as we canb seamlessly integrate with your systems.

The latest email broadcasting technology allows us to recieve your data, set automation rules and deliver fully automated email campaigns, and provide you with reporting feedback within a specific timeframe.
  • We set up a a secure feed direct from your CRM system which allows us to receive your data daily, weekly or monthly.
  • We work with you to set automation rules, based on the data you deliver to us. This can be any date driven or behaviour driven event.
  • Several different html creatives can be uploaded to our sytem and broadcasted sequentially or simulaniously, based on the automation rules.
  • A secure reporting feed is created, providing you with key broadcasting metrics.
Automated email campaign

Example Case Study

A client wanted to send three types of email message (3 different htmls had been created) to their database.
We set up a feed via sftp from their CRM system directly into our broadcasting system. Their data arrived daily at a pre defined time and this new data was aggregated to a central data list held by us. This data contained event data eg date of sign up, conference date, course start date, book launch date etc. The client wanted to send different types of messages to their customers based on certain date triggers. For example, 4 months before the conference was due to commence an Early Bird Registration message would be delivered. Two weeks before the conference a second message was sent with more detailed info and reminder that spaces were now short of supply. A final message was sent one week prior to the conference with a final offer on unsold places.

A reporting feed was then sent back to the client – this could have been set up to occur daily, weekly or monthly via sftp. The reporting provided insight into key broadcasting metrics: sent, opens, clicks, link clicked, bounces, unsubscribes, and included any of the original data fields. Eg telephone for follow ups, source codes etc.

It’s possible to create any triggered event to broadcast a message, as long as there is at least one initial date in the original data feed. For example in the case of a product license renewal, this may be: purchase date+ Xdays = product renewal date minus 2 weeks for reminder email broadcast.

Recurring automated email campaigns are ideal for:

  • Event Organisers
  • Publishers with annual subscriptions
  • Insurance renewals
  • Product updates
  • Anniversary triggers (follow ups etc)
  • Any company that can identify stages of the sales cycle

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