PDF Delivery

PDF delivery by email made easy. UK Marketing Management can provide you with a simple mechanism to deliverĀ  PDF documents automatically at the point of request, without the need for additional time spent looking for and emailing items individually.

PDF delivery means your clients get the information they need immediately, and you don’t have to have admin staff on standby, with the added benefit of you knowing exactly who has downloaded a particular document, and when.

What makes this different from just linking PDF’s to your website for your clients to download?

By adding a link that allows someone to download a PDF from your site you are opening this document up to anyone who visits your site and clicks on the link. You have no idea who has downloaded what, or when. Relying on web reports to give you limited stats on the number of clicks may not be the comprehensive information you need. Our document delivery option gives you more information about the downloader.

UKMM’s PDF Delivery Solution

The delivery solution works by having a set number of documents hosted on our system. You decide on the information you want to collect off the downloader before you allow delivery of the documents e.g. name, company name and email address. The downloader selects one or more of the available documents by checking a box alongside the document name. Once this has been entered and submitted, the downloader is directed to a confirmation message telling them to expect delivery via the email address they have given. The document will then arrive as an email attachment in an email that appears to have come directly from you – this is fully customisable so can include any message details you require. Another benefit is that the downloader can reply to this email and communicate directly back to you (you specify the email address from where the document has come from). From the downloaders side it looks like a personal and really responsive reaction from your company.

UKMM collates the information stored on the server e.g. name, company name, email address, document name, date delivered and can report back to you at agreed intervals, providing you with an excel spreadsheet of the data, and topline stats on most popular document.

A working example of this can be seen by clicking here.

For more information contact us with details of your projects and we will be in touch with you to discuss how we can help.