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Email Analyzer is a simple software application, downloadable to your desktop, that enables you to analyse the text you use in any email message. Why is this important? … because according to recent reports, up to 58% of marketing emails are blocked by ISP filters. As email marketers you must learn how to work with these filters. Email Analyzer – will allow you to maximum the number of messages that reach their destination.

The majority of ISPs now utilise stringent spam filters to block out undesirable email. Inadvertently these often block out legitimate email from reaching opt-in recipients. This may be because of perfectly innocent text content, information in the email header, and even file size.

This filtering is often being done without the knowledge or consent of affected users. Overtime, inaccurate filtering is substantially reducing the simplicity of email. The problem is that email content filtering is at best unintelligent.

For example, a finance company recently discovered that when they sent their monthly newsletter to their opt-in list of share club members, the majority of messages were stopped by spam filters. On investigation it was discovered that the filters had picked up some phrases that they did not like. The message contained phrases such as “over 18 months profits increased” and “To find out more about this offer Click Here”. These innocent phrases were taken out of context, and presumed undesirable, when in fact it was very relevant to the recipients who had requested the messages. The trigger phrases were “over 18″ and “Click Here”.

Whilst some phrases in isolation will pass through these filters, a combination of these phrases will trigger the filters to block the message.

To counter the problem we are now offering the Email Analyzer program that will help ensure your message gets through.

The Email Analyzer will scan your messages for the trigger phrases that commonly result in the message failing the filter. When a trigger phrase is highlighted, it will give a score indicating the relative seriousness of the problem. It will aggregate the score across the whole message and give you a final score. Email Analyzer will indicate the likelihood of the message being passed or failed by the filters.

UK Marketing Management are making Email Analyzer freely available to all its clients and website visitors. It has proved to be an invaluable tool for anyone involved in putting together marketing emails.

How it works

Email Analyzer is an easy tool to use and totally free of charge. The information on this page gives you an explanation of how it works.

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Download Email Analyzer

Download the Email Analyzer tool completely free of charge. This will give you an insight into the spam triogger phrases that may stop the delivery of your email messages.

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