How it works

Email Analyzer is an easy tool to use and totally free of charge. The following information gives you an idea of how this works.

After you have successfully downloaded and installed your Email Analyzer software, you should open the program through your MS Windows “Start” button. Go to “Programs“, then “UKMM Software” and then select “Email Analyzer

Now you are ready to go. Simply paste the “Subject Line” of the email message that you want to send into the “Subject Box

Now you can paste the body text directly into the “Message Body Box“.

Select the “Step Through Box” (bottom left), and press the “Scan” button. Keep pressing “Scan” until “Finish Scanning” appears at the top of the screen under the words Email Analyzer. The results are displayed at the bottom of the screen and will be indicated as “Pass“, “Fail” or “Questionable” with the score displayed below.

A list of the trigger phrases will be displayed in the box on the right.

Make subtle changes to each trigger phrase in order to reduce the overall trigger phrase score.

Rescan the message until the results display “Pass

You can download email analyzer here.