Email Tracking

Email tracking and reporting is a key part of understanding the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, and is crucial when planning further marketing spend.

The broadcasting system we use is a sophisticated tool that will give you detailed insight into the activity occuring during your broadcasts to your own data. The key metrics are all recorded; opens, clicks, bounces, known bounces and unsubscribes.

Immediately upon broadcast a live link email tracking report will be emailed to you. This will give you the ability to monitor the key metrics in realtime.

Email broadcasting live link

Shortly after the broadcast a full report will be sent to you. This includes a Summary Email tracking report, an Activity report, a Timeline report and a MS Excel spreadsheet of contact details for all those that have received the message, opened the message, clicked on a link, unsubscribed from future messages or bounced during the broadcasting process.

Below is an example of a SummaryEmail Tracking Report.

Email broadcasting summary report

Here is an example of an Activity report. This will give detail about the links that have been clicked, and the most active clickers on your file.

Email broadcasting activity report

The Timeline report is a tool to show you the key activity over time. We find setting this to 24 hours is the most useful although alternative time frames can be used.

Email broadcasting timeline report

The following report is an aggregated report that shows comparative statistics for multiple launches over a period of time, which is ideal for post campaign analysis.

Email broadcasting project report

For further information on these reports, or for other email broadcasting queries please contact us by email, or use the form below.