UK Email Addresses Masterfile

Email Masterfile has been put together using core data from 3 separate sources – Companies House, Thomson Directories and Dunn & Bradstreet. The core data has then been enhanced through a telemarketing process, during which email addresses have been solicited from contacts on the file. The contacts are informed of the use to which the email addresses are to be put. A confirmation email is sent to each contact at this point, but the user is not required to take action to be include on the list. This is known as “Confirmed Opt-in”.

More than 3 million named business contacts, 530,000 email addresses and 2.3 million business addresses covering
the whole of the UK are ready and validated for you to use today.

To ensure the file is kept to the highest possible quality, it take feeds from over 18 sources including Companies House,
Thomson Directories and the Postcode Address File (PAF). Contact centres, email and DM campaign responses also offer
daily feedback to maintain the file in real time.

Data Variables: There is a huge range of variables available for selecting the perfect data for you and your campaign. Many
of these variables are received and confirmed via a number of sources and therefore are highly accuracy and recent:

2.3 million business names and addresses
2 million businesses with telephone number
100% population of industry codes
92% population of employee numbers (site and company level)
Site type (head office, branch, single site SME or SOHO)
3.1 million contact names at 1.9 million businesses
530k business email addresses
Website URL details
Fax numbers
Preference service flags (telephone, fax and mail)
Registered Office numbers
Access to hundreds of financial variables from filed accounts Responsiveness to channel marketing Access to
60 predictive models including Turnover and IT Spend