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Email Marketing – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is an email list compiled?
  2. Who supplies the emails?
  3. What is the quality of email addresses?
  4. Why can’t I have them to broadcast my self?
  5. Who broadcasts the emails?
  6. How do I know that a broadcast has been done?
  7. What do I do now?

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Q. How is an email list compiled?

A.In the same way that good direct mail data is compiled, b2b email addresses are collected through the process of telemarketing, subscription and surveys. Consumer email addresses tend to be collected as a result of visits to specific interest or hobby websites, where lifestyle information is collated on registration.
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Q. Who supplies the emails?

A. Email addresses  list owners are normally the organisations which compiled and now maintain the list from which your selection will be taken. Many list owners deal directly with the end user, although the vast majority will appoint an exclusive agent known as a List Manager. Most List Managers will have several list owners in their portfolio, often with complementary lists. A word of caution – email list owners and managers rarely if ever will recommend a list outside of their portfolios. Email list brokers like UKMM however are different. They are the users’ representative from whom an end user can expect advice on good email list selections, applications, etc. Recognised brokers have a commission-sharing agreement that enables each of them to access any lists managed by any of the List Owners/List Managers.

UKMM has strong consumer email and business email list relationships. We also have international relationships which enable us to get the best lists from right across the world.

UKMM likes its clients to issue a brief because our interpretation of your requirements will be a reflection of the brief. The more comprehensive the brief, the more accurate and detailed will be our  list proposal.

An email list broker brief can be downloaded from the Home Page of this website.Back to top

Q. What is the quality of email addresses?

A.Assuming that UKMM has all the relevant information we should be able to get a good match to your requirements. No list whether email or traditional mailing lists are 100% accurate, but if you put in the preparation work this will eliminate wasted communications to disinterested people. UKMM use reliable sources who maintain their email addresses to the highest standard. Many will put in writing the procedure they use to ascertain the email address, and also vouch for the authenticity of the claimed Opt-in status. UKMM will get list owners to sign an affidavit to back up their verbal claims. If nothing else, it is a measure of the confidence with which the list owners view their own data.

Prior to broadcasting, many email listowners will "ping" their file – sending out a message that determines whether an email address is still alive. They will also over broadcast to ensure that if you pay for 10,000 email addresses that your message gets to 10,000 people. Responsible owners also ensure any bouncebacks and fails are excluded from future email broadcasts, and will then go through the verification process to ascertain a new contact email address for the recipient.
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Q. Why can’t I have them to broadcast my self?

A.The only lists you should consider renting have an opt-in status. This means that the recipient has explicitly agreed to receive third party promotional emails from the list owner. If the list owner was to release the email addresses to third parties, they would lose control of the messages being sent.
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Q. Who broadcasts the emails?

A.List owners often have the facilities to broadcast themselves, but as often as not they will contract a large specialist broadcaster like UKMM, to send your message on their behalf. This way they don’t have bandwidth, bounceback, and failure issues.
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Q. How do I know that a broadcast has been done?

A.Some broadcasters are able to provide results real time through logging on to dedicated websites. Others will issue reports via email direct from their servers. Typically you will get results telling you;

  • How many email were sent
  • How many live connections were achieved
  • How many bounced back or failed
  • How many recipients opened the message and therefore the open rate
  • How many recipients clicked through on each link and therefore the click through rate
  • How many unsubscribed from receiving further emails from you
  • You should always insist that you are seeded on the file so that you will see the transmission when it happens.

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Q. What do I do now?

A. Contact UKMM – we will take you through the process from concept to completion – sourcing the right list, negotiating a price, creation of html, broadcasting the message and tracking & reporting the results.

Issue a List Broker brief, and make it detailed. Concentrate your efforts then on good creative – short, concise and attractive.  There are no guarantees in this world but you can be safe in the knowledge that you have done everything possible to ensure your initiative has the best chance of being successful. Back to top