Schools Email List

The Schools Email List is part of the Schools List – the definitive database of schools in the UK which include mailing addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of headteachers where available. Contact us for further details.

The schools email list is a subset of the Schools Key – a definitive collection of over 30,000 head teachers of schools throughout the UK. The file covers the UK, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. All local authority schools plus most independent schools are included, representing 99% of all schools. The named contact is usually the head teacher. Email addresses, where available, are a mix of personal and generic addresses.

Source:     Televerification

QTY:     31000 postal addresses (please contact us for an up to date count for email addresses)

Maintained School Type
Academy                                                                                             12
Community School                                                                    18110
Foundation School                                                                         872
Special Agreement School                                                             23
Voluntary Aided School                                                               4295
Voluntary Controlled School                                                      3026
City Technology College                                                                 14
Controlled School (Northern Ireland)                                         583
Voluntary Maintained School (N Ireland)                                   532
Voluntary Grammar School (N Ireland)                                       53
Voluntary School (Northern Ireland)                                               7
Controlled Integrated School (N Ireland)                                     13
Grant Maintained Integrated School (NI)                                      35
Hospital School                                                                                 43
Maintained Special School                                                        1215
Foundation Special School                                                            19
Controlled Special School (Northern Ireland)                            44
Maintained Special School (N. Ireland)                                          4

Independent School Type
Public School (HMA/GSA/GDST)                                                 417
Preparatory School (IAPS)                                                             585
Other Independent School                                                          1116
Non-maintained Special School                                                    73
Approved Independent Special School                                         58
Other Independent Special School                                              116
Independent Nursery School                                                           79

Maintained School Scope
Early Years Centre                                                                            24
Nursery School                                                                                893
First School                                                                                    1028
Infant School                                                                                  2033
Junior School                                                                                 1816
Primary School                                                                           17294
Combined School (Primary & Middle)                                          99
Middle School                                                                                  367
Comprehensive                                                                            3723
Grammar                                                                                          225
All-Through (Primary & Secondary)                                              31

Religious Denomination
Christian Scientist                                                                             3
Church of England                                                                     5175
Church of Scotland                                                                           2
Church of Wales                                                                                2
Church in Wales                                                                            142
Hare Krishna                                                                                       1
Islam                                                                                                   42
Jewish                                                                                                67
Methodist                                                                                           75
Quaker                                                                                                12
Roman Catholic                                                                          3208
Other/Mixed Denomination                                                        401

Min Order:     2000

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