Financial Services Companies List

 This is a comprehensive file of professionals from the Financial Services sector worldide. 

They are key contact persons at:

Central banks, commercial banks, offshore banks, investment and merchant banks, savings and loan associations, mortgage banks, and savings banks, foreign bank representations, money leaders and pawn brokers, issuing houses and security underwriters, security brokers, foreign exchange brokers and dealers, commodity brokers and commodity futures brokers and dealers, currency exchange bureaus, guarantee funds, bullion brokers, factoring companies, finance houses, credit and charge card organizations, stock and financial futures exchanges, leasing and leaseback companies, investment companies (trusts), unit trust management companies, financial advisers, life assurance companies, general insurance companies, health insurance companies, credit insurance companies, re-insurance companies, insurance and re-insurance brokers, insurance actuarial consultants, loss adjusters and surveyors, etc.

For breakdowns on by job title in the following regions please send us a message via the form at the foot of this page.

Totals for UK and USA:

UK = 21866

USA = 49721

Counts split by region:

Western Europe 245619
Eastern Europe 52201
South Asia 13556
Central Asia 11353
Far East 116116
Northern Africa 11405
Sub-Saharan Africa 19873
Middle East 26276
North America 96559
Central America 30708
South America 24970
Oceania 33096