IT Managers List

IT Managers List is comprised of IT professionals in a position to recommend and decide on matters involving the overall design of a company’s information systems architecture, its maintenance and enhancements; the acquisition of softwares, hardwares, and peripheral equipment; and the hiring and training of staff with IT responsibilities.

Qty: 612692 IT decision makers, IT Managers and IT Directors.

They may be in any of the following positions:
Chief information officer (CIO)chief technology officer (CTO)
information services director
application development director/manager
network manager/administrator
database manager/administrator
technical support manager/officer
systems manager/analyst

The vast majority of the IT Managers List is composed of IT Managers, IT Directors and CIO’s although in some smaller companies, the chief executive and other senior officers are the key IT decision-makers. The data contains postal addresses, telephone numbers and in a large percentage of cases, the email address of the contact. These are personal email addresses and not generic. The file can be selected by sector, but also company size and locationj, which makes the file very versatile. For breakdowns on by job title in the following regions please send us a message via the form at the foot of this page.

Western Europe 249104
Eastern Europe 51169
North America 91424
South America 22460
Central America 30802
Far East 127851
South Asia 13400
Central Asia 11152
Middle East 26362
North Africa 11200
Sub-Saharan Africa 18984
Oceania 32644