Middle East Email

Target: Middle East business executives | Gulf  States business executives | UAE business owners and executives | Dubai | Kuwait | Bahrain | Qatar | Saudi Arabia | Syria | Lebanon | Iran | Egypt | Jordan 

This high performing file now offers over 127,000 opt-in personal business email addresses and has provided excellent response rates for many of our customers.

The individuals on this file are subscribers to a weekly business newsletters. All of these recipients have actively opted to receive offers from other business suppliers. The file consists of business owners and executices, senior and middle  management  in medium to large organisations throughout the Middle East and Gulf region.

Previous users include exhibition and conference organisers, publishers, manufacturing and engineering companies,  and other companies looking to break into the lucrative Middle East market.

Number of Emails By Country Contacts
Saudi Arabia 25,909
UAE 51,765
Egypt 8,811
Iran 2,899
Jordan 6,300
Lebanon 7,120
Kuwait 5,853
Bahrain 4,930
Qatar 6,199
Oman 4,912
Yemen 712
Syria 1,811

Job Function
Senior Management 48,729
Sales/marketing 24,010
Professional 22,990
Technical/Engineering 8,524
Accounting/finance 7,504
Administration 5,853
Writer/Journalist 3,479
Customer Service 2,826
Other 3,085

Base Rental £200 per 1000 for email addresses

Job Function
Other selections available on request

Minimum order: only 3000 records