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International Email Executive File

The International Email Executive File brings a unique source of named senior decision makers in the largest companies worldwide with over 4 million names in over 180 countries.

Constantly updated this is the only source providing such indepth information on companies worldwide. In addition to detailed coverage of executive names we also provide personal international email addresses where available in the UK, Europe (EU), Central & Eastern Europe, US and Canada, Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East and Latin America.

Number of names Number of emails
4,075,653 880,653
Region Named Contacts
Europe 2,905,140
US and Canada 761,256
Middle East 54,161
South West Asia 42,870
Asia and Australasia 199,165
Sub-Saharan Africa 25,921
Eastern Europe and the CIS 28,332
Latin America and the Caribbean 58,808
Job Function Named Contacts
Chairman/President 445,001
Managing Director/CEO 296,866
Finance Director/CFO 303,343
Senior Executive 478,066
Executive Vice President 86,805
Board Member (other) 418,211
Capital Markets Director 184
Company Secretary/Administration 161,934
Customer Services Director 29
Customer Services Manager 14,214
Director (other) 569,854
Director Corporate Finance and Banking 350
Executive Director 12,352
Export Sales Director 12,115
Foreign Exchange Director 256
Head of Legal/Legal Counsel 4,873
Home Sales Director 73,782
HR/Personnel Manager 104,947
Internal Auditor 8,887
Investment Management Director 6,390
IT/MIS Directors and Managers 349,176
Library and Information Officer 1,554
Manager (other) 207,767
Marketing/Business Development 131,097
Member 57
Mergers and Acquisitions Director 198
Non-Executive Director 16,725
Partner 145,581
Production/Operations 47,699
Property Services/Facilities 1,611
Public Relations/Press & Communications 10,962
Purchasing Manager 63,613
Quality Assurance Manager 2,143
Research and Development Director 6,436
Retail Banking Director 446
Risk Manager 1,425
Securities Trading Director 160
Technical/Engineering 35,899
Telecommunications Director 89,023
Trade Finance Director 100
Training Manager 1,671
Treasury Director 25,379
Industry Country
Job Function Company Turnover
No. of Employees Public/private
Nth Name Telephone
Fax Personal E-mail
Web Address
Information on the file
Contact Name Industry (SIC)
Job Title Website
Company Turnover
Address Number of Employees
Telephone Company Type (public/private)
Fax Business Description
Personal Email
Price Per 1000 records
Name, company, address (1 use) £165
Email broadcast (fully managed) £225
Name company, address, tel (1 use) £225
Full company data 1 year license £525
Additional output fields if required:
Industry/SIC code £30
Website £30
Number of employees £30
Turnover £30
Key coding £5
File splitting / file breakdowns – per file £5
Selects F.O.C

Output & Delivery of file £50 flat fee
Email – Excel or .txt formats.
Minimum order: 3000 records
Delivery time: 2 working days

International Email Executive File