Aviation Companies List

Aviation is one of the largest industries in the world. We have put together a selection of 3 of the most comprehensive files of aviation companies land airline companies, covering the domestic, international and military aviation sectors. Contact us for further details.

Previous users of these aviation lists are B2B and B2C publishers, executive education and training, non-competing seminars and conferences and IT vendors and resellers.

We can also source list for the Air Cargo Industry, Airport Transfer and Transportation Industry, and Aerospace and Defence manufacturers.

List Name: Flight International – Reed Database
Overview: Aerospace professionals in both the civil and military sectors. Readers range from chief executive officers and chairmen to chief pilots
Source: Paid subscriptions
QTY: 13,868
Min Order: £750
Selections: Business activity, Geographic, Job title/ function
Media: Mailing, Email, Tele
List Name: Jane’s Aerospace and Defence
Overview: Jane’s Information Group is the authorative and world renowned provider of information for military, government and commercial organisations on the subject of defence, geo-politics, transport and law enforcement. This aviation list contains senior military personnel, government officers and industry decision makers involved in aerospace and defence procurement in over 150 countries worldwide
Source: Directory
QTY: 34,322 Worldwide and  UK  7,441
Min Order: 3000
Selections: Geographic, Nature of business, Type of organisation, All Selections
Media: Mailing, Email, Tele
List Name: Marcus Evans International Aviation Companies List
Overview: Included in this aviation list are attendees, delegates and qualified prospects and names of senior decision makers involved within the flight segment of the industry (owners and operators and the manufacture of aeroplanes)
Source: Conferences
QTY: 12,224
Min Order: 3000
Selections: Location, job title/function, sector and keyword search
Media: Mailing, Email,