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Computer Weekly mailing list is owned by Reed Business Information who publishes one of the world’s major collections of specialist and business journals, which are available on controlled circulation. Computer Weekly is the UK’s leading weekly IT publication available on a controlled circulation basis it is annually revivified and updated weekly.


Named computer professionals – senior management buyers, specifiers, influencers and users across a wide range of UK business activity. Also included are approximately 8,000 self-employed individuals or people working from home. All readers are direct mail positive.

99% named individuals at business addresses. The file is being constantly updated, and offers a 99% deliverability guarantee on names and addresses. This guarantee does not cover telephone numbers however.


  • Geographic
  • Business Activity
  • Company Size
  • Number of PC’s
  • Annual Turnover
  • IT Budget
  • Job Status
  • Employment Status
  • Job Function
  • Purchasing Influence
  • Environment
  • On-Line Information Services

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