Management Centre Europe

Management Centre Europe holds data of Eastern and Western European managers in more than 2000 global companies (incl Fortune Top 500, as well as major B2B middle-sized companies active in different European countries).

Size: 193,738  Postal Addresses

Management Centre Europe (MCE), the European headquarters of the American Management Association, makes sure that managers have all the skills to stay ahead in a changing business world.

Profile of who is on Management Centre Europe

Supervisors and New Managers (level 1)
Managers, team-leaders and supervisors who implement corporate strategy at the first-line. (on average up to 3 years of management or supervisory experience).
Middle Managers (level 2)
Managers who contribute to the formulation of corporate strategy and are responsible for its implementation within their departments/functions. Departmental and functional heads with people management responsibility, project managers, experienced managers of disciplines such as business development or R&D (with on average between 4 to 7 years of management experience).
Upper-Mid Managers (level 3)
Senior executives who are responsible for or participate in the formulation of corporate strategy and who lead strategy execution. This includes senior functional heads, general managers, regional or area directors, business unit/division directors, senior project managers (with on average more than 8 years of management experience)
Senior and Top Managers (level 4)
Strategic business leaders, corporate decision makers and thought leaders within their industry, who are responsible for the formulation of corporate strategy and who lead organisations at national, regional and international levels. These include CEOs, CFOs, C-functions, presidents, vice presidents, board members, managing directors and international directors.
These are international managers who want to keep up to date on current business issues. They are
100% named individuals at business addresses.

1) Managers that have attended an open enrolment workshop or a customised workshop organised for their company.
2) Managers in companies Management Centre Europe has done business with.

Management Centre Europe cover following topics: leadership, planning strategy, processes and metrics , innovation, ICT, project management, human resources, communication, managing yourself and others, business acumen, marketing & sales, supply chain management, finance and this for business, consumer markets and pharmaceutical companies.

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