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Email Lists

Rent business or consumer email lists from as little as £20 per 1000 for consumer lists, and from £150 per 1000 for business lists, inclusive of all selections and the broadcast. All lists comply to the highest industry standards and international legislation. Lists can be used on a single use basis, or muliple broadcasts can be arranged. Please go to the Contact Us form and send us your brief. 

Business Email lists

There is a wealth of quality business email lists that are collated and maintained on an ongoing basis. Click the Find Out More button below to go through to a selection of the best email lists on the market. These email lists detail volumes of business contacts available cross referenced by sector, company size, job function and location.

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Avaya Users

Database of Avaya users.

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Consumer Email lists

We can target over 5 million UK opt-in email addresses of buyers and enquirers held in hundreds of databases. We can broadacst from £20 per 1000 (minimum volumes apply) to your target audience so simply let us know via the contact form at the foot of this page who you want to target and I will get back to you with list option.

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Investor Email Lists

Target active affluent investors in the UK and overseas. They are traders in property, commodities, equities, CFD and Forex and are keen to be informed of new investment opportunities. Wealthy individuals with high liquidity.

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SAP ERP User List

The ERP / SAP User lists are powerful tools for anyone that wants to target ERP or SAP users worldwide. It is one of the largest files of its type, is updated every 90 days and includes the SAP installation details.

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Schools Email List

If you are targeting the education, particularly the schools sector, then this schools email list is the list you need. It contains email addresses of budget holding head teachers in all types of schools throughout the UK. The email file is a subset of the master schools file that contains all local authority funded schools as well as almost all independent schools.

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How is an email list compiled? Who supplies the emails? What is the quality of email addresses? Why can’t I have them to broadcast my self? Who broadcasts the emails? How do I know that a broadcast has been done? What do I do now? Can’t see the question you were looking for? Email us

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Current Data Counts

Here are some of the latest data counts requested from UK Marketing. Some are lists of postal addresses, others are lists of email addresses available for rent and to broadcast to.

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Email Lists