Data Enrichment

Data enrichment is the key when your database is missing vital contact information for your next marketing campaign

What is Data Enrichment?

Data enrichment is a process of merging data from external trusted sources into the existing database whilst filling in missing information. Data enrichment increases the amount of information that companies hold about each contact and therefore allows to either make more informed decisions or to send out highly targeted advertising messages.

Is your in-house data showing signs of age, or are you missing key contact information? Is it stopping you from marketing your products and services? Data appending will enrich and rejuvenate your existing data which means that your marketing promotions will return greater results. Data cleaning is another service to consider.

UKMM have access to data sources that can fill the gaps. Send us your database via a secure server link. We will match it against the masterfiles, looking for updates, new contacts, correct postal addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers and other company information such as website, sector and company size.

email data enrichment

Customer Data Enrichment

“Emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.  –  Campaign Monitor “

Enriched data is a key to successful email marketing campaigns.  If you have a database of customers, but some data is missing your campaign may not perform as well as it should. We can help you to find that missing first name or gender of your customers and therefore give you an opportunity to achieve greater results with your campaigns.

B2B Data Enrichment

When it comes to B2B email appending services, we can provide a whole suite of our standard services and in addition to that we can also check for up to date contact name, job title, company sector, company size, and website.

data enrichment

Email Data Enrichment

Email addresses: we can add up-to-date email addresses for your contacts. This increases your email reach as well as reducing your cost of email delivery with greater efficiency. Hard bounces are reduced. Emails are all sent for verification prior to release back to you. They will also have received a Fair Processing Notice in line with GDPR guidelines.

Postal Data Enrichment

Postal addresses: we can update the postal addresses of your customers and prospects by using the latest address software. This can have a huge impact on your marketing spend on postage charges.