Email Marketing

UKMM’s email marketing services include:
Email list rental | Email Appending| Email broadcasting | HTML creation.

Email Marketing Services

UKMM has been operating in the email broadcasting space for nineteen years. We are experts in researching the best email marketing databases. Our team understands how email recipients behave and so we can assist you with the message tone, look, frequency and timing. Our goal is to work for you to get the most from your online marketing budgets. All the time we keep you legal and working with email marketing best practice.

Email Marketing Lists

Your email marketing campaign starts with and ends with good email marketing lists. It really doesn’t matter if you have fantastic creative and a killer subject line if you are sending the message to out of data contacts. UKMM is an email marketing agency with over 20 years experience of working with data, and 15 of working with email data. The data is accurate, deliverable and responsive. Vie our email lists.

Email Appending

If you have your own email marketing database, but need to get it refreshed or additional information added to it then we have a data enrichment service that can work for you.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Tips for Successful Email Marketing Strategies

Consumers and business contacts are ready and willing to engage in email campaigns. This is evident by the level of activity that good senders get on their messages. Consumers have high expectations of the quality and quantity of content they receive, and failure to live up to these expectations results in poor responsiveness. We will help you create good HTML content and ensure excellent deliverability with well crafted messages as a part of our email marketing service.

GDPR Email Marketing

Email Marketing Rules

Legislation governing email communications worldwide is changing. This affects you. Read more on both the E.U. Directive governing electronic communications, the General Data Protection Regulations, “CAN SPAM” US data privacy laws and CASL regulations that govern broadcasting to Canada. However in short, if you are undertaking B2B email marketing to business recipients then the law allows for this in most regions under certain circumstances. Provided you, the sender, are doing so in mindful way and have all the right processes in pace you should be fine to broadcast. This is responsible marketing. If you are targeting consumers then you must firstly gain opt-in consent, and in many cases it is a double opt-in requirement.

GDPR Email Marketing

The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR as it is known has changed everything with regard to data processing. You must be aware of its implications for you as a Data Controller and for any Data Processors that you use when undertaking your marketing. A Data Processors actions are your responsibility, so you must assure yourself of their compliance via complete Due Diligence. Your status as a Data Controller means that you have responsibilities to the people who’s personal data is on the list. GDPR compliance does not end with the supply of data to you. Read more

Email Marketing Best Practices

This is an invaluable insight into email best practices, with tips on gaining email permission. Read more

UKMM only use mailing, email and telephone data that complies with GDPR.
All lists are ethically sourced with opt-in consumers willing to receive relevant information and business contacts aware of our Fair Processing Notice. 

Email List Rental

In the same way that we have B2B an B2C direct mailing lists, there are business email lists and consumer email lists. In general, business to business email lists are generated from call centre activity. Event and conference registrations, journal and publication subscription and other public domain sources are also used. The Business to consumer email marketing data is generally compiled from survey completions, or from opt-in websites. All the lists used by UKMM are fully compliant with PECR and Recital 47 of the GDPR. Read more about email list rental and purchase processes.

B2B Lists are selectable by job, sector, region and size. B2C Lists are selectable by over 250 different variables.