Telecommunications list

Here is a selection of telecomunications list files. These cover both the telecommunications sector but also the specific job title Telecoms Manager and equivalent.

Previous users of these lists include conference, seminare and exhibition organisers, catalogue companies, credit card companies, computing & IT equipment, business management and development companies.

List Name: Total Telecom
Overview: The central and most high;y regarded leading edge publication to the Telecoms industry. Annuial subscription is £275 and its readership is globally spread with a dominance in the UK, Europe and Asia. Total Telecom readers are the key personnel and senior decision makers collectively responsible for a large percentage of he worlds telecommunications expenditure
Source: Registered readers, Telephone research
QTY: 10,000
Min Order: 2,000
Selections: Location, gender
Media: Mailing, Email, Tele
List Name: Telecommunications list
Overview: This magazine discusses and analyses technologies and their applications in service provider networks. In addition it offers high quality editorial including comprehensive global business coverage of serviceprovider technologies and applications. Executives, top-level management and other telecoms professional rely on this magazine to help them stay ahead. 

62% of subscribers have approval authority for technology purchase

80% of subscribers have immediate plans to deploy new technology

Source: Registered readers of Telecommunications magazine
QTY: 48,076 postal addresses 

42,489 telephone numbers

8,011 email addresses

Min Order: 5000
Selections: Company size, Geographic, All selections
Media: Mailing, Email, Tele
List Name: Informabase Telecoms
Overview: Covers the top people in the telecoms industry worldwide
Source: Paid subscriptions, Conference delegates
QTY: 163,939
Min Order: £500
Selections: Geographic, Industry, Interest area, Job title/ function, Recency
Media: Mailing, Email, Tele