Quality Managers, Directors and executives in the UK

For the first time there is a single file that allows you to reach out to Quality Managers, directors and executives in the UK via direct mail, telephone or email

Quality Managers have become an important member of an organisations management team. Their expertise is required to ensure an organsations products and services meet legal standards, have consistency, and above all meets the expectations of their customers.

Quality Managers are responsible for all aspects of performance. They will implement quality management systems and processes, and also monitor their organisations performances against key metrics. They are responsible for the implementation of ISO 9000 and Total Quality Management (TMQ) processes.

Quality Managers and Directors are now an integral member of the management team and will liaise with other managers about their organisations purchasing and training.

Through telereserach we have been able to identify over 5000 Quality Managers, Quality Assurance Managers, Quality Directors and Quality executives.

All records include the following information: Full contact name, postal address, telephone number, fax number, sector, company size and contacts personal business email address.

You are able to purchase the database outright, so there are no restrictions on usage. The email data is collected and verified by teleresearch, and all the addresses are opt-in.