SIC Code List

Fantastic resource for marketers looking to target new markets. The SIC Code list is an easy tool to focus your market segmentation and increase your marketing efficiency.

The SIC Code List is a resource for marketers that are looking to target a new market by segment. Set out by the UK government, the SIC list are a set of standard industry classifications of economic activity.

UK SIC Codes

The UK SIC Codes closely follow the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). Each company in the UK is required to allocate the most appropriate sub-sector for their primary business activity. This enables the Government and other interested bodies to monitor the activity levels sector by sector. For marketers in means a mechanism to focus your marketing budgets on very precise sectors and sub-sectors. This can greatly enhance your response rates and marketing efficiency.

SIC Code List for marketing professionals

If you are planning marketing activity then you should download the SIC Code List to view your target market. If you then require data for these sectors please contact us and we will run up to date counts for each sector.

SIC Code List

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