CEO email addresses

Focus on CEOs is an international database set up to purely target the Chief Executives of the world’s leading companies. This crucial role is pivotal to the success of any company. The person in this role is ultimatley responsible for the planning and execution of all of a companies strategic goals. 

The CEO’s role therefore means that they have the final decision making resposnsibilty for major purchases, strategic planning and direction. These are the people within your client organzations that can make or break your supplier relationship. Knowing who your clients CEO is, and critically being able to target communications to them is essential.

The database we have created has all the fields that you would need to reach out to these contacts. Tele-researchers have extensively researched their postal addresses, checked their telephone numbers and also verified and re-verified their email addresses. All email addresses are personal business addresses, and not generics. They are also all opt-in permission based.

We have also added in fields such as the primary sector that the organzation operates in, plus the organisations overall employee size and also the website for further research. These are all standard fields within the data file.

All fields will be output to you, and this file is available for outright purchase, so there are no license restrictions.

All companies are over GBP£1 million (USD$1.55m) sales revenue.

Breakdown by country

Country Counts
USA 116,000
Canada 10,000
UK 12,000
Australia 4,500
New Zealand 500
France 700
Germany 800
Ireland 300
Italy 400
Switzerland 150
India 1,750
China 300
Singapore 100
Thailand 50
Malaysia 50
South Africa 220
Others 2,030
Total 150,100

Breakdown by sector

Agriculture 1,000
Business Services 20,000
Chambers of Commerce 500
Cities, Towns & Municipalities 650
Construction 7,000
Consumer Services 2,500
Cultural 750
Education 4,500
Energy, Utilities & Waste 5,000
Finance 12,000
Government 1,000
Healthcare 11,000
Hospitality 4,500
Insurance 3,500
Law Firms & Legal Services 1,000
Manufacturing 18,000
Media & Internet 8,000
Metals & Mining 2,000
Organizations 8,500
Real Estate 5,000
Retail 8,000
Software 19,000
Telecommunications 3,500
Transportation 3,200
Total 150,100

Data Fields:

Company Name
Full Name
First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Mailing Address
Post Code
Phone Numbers
Fax Numbers
Revenue Size
Employee Size

License: Eternal use. You will own the data outright so there are no restrictions on usage. Updates are available after 3 months if required.

Guarantee: 85% accuracy on email and 90% on all other fields.