Email List of Charities

Below are 2 examples of email lists of charities. The files have been put together specifically for email marketers looking to target the charities and voluntary organisations sector.

These files have been used successfully by insurance companies, publishers and conference organisers.

List Name: Email List of Charities
Overview: This is a bespoke file put together to assist email marketers to access this highly responsive sector.
Source: Own continuos research
QTY: 16,092
Min Order: £500
Selections: Company size, Equipment in use, Job title/ function,charity and trust head office and branch locations such as shops and actual trust sites
Media: Email, postal and telephone
List Name: Charities and Voluntary Organisations
Overview: A comprehensive file of over 22,ooo named contacts within the charities and voluntary services sector. UK wide.
Source: Continuous televerification
QTY: 22,040
Min Order: £500
Selections: Company size, Job title/ function, SIC code, number of employees
Media: Postal, telephone and some email addresses