List of Architects in the UK

List of Architects in the UK | Verified Contact List with 40,000 Names & Email Addresses

Up-to date list of architects including RIBA members contacts details. The RIBA Architects list is the most comprehensive databases of architects in the UK. The RIBA list is the membership list of the Royal Institute of British Architects, the professional association of architects in the UK.

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Who should use the List of Architects?

These files are ideal for building supplies manufacturers looking to promote construction materials as well as exhibition and event organisers and publishers. If you want to go broader and focus on more companies in the industry, check our Construction companies list.

List of architects may be helpful if you are:

  • commercial furniture supplier
  • exhibition organiser
  • builder
  • property investor
  • real estate developer
  • interior designer
  • city planner
LIst of architects

GDPR Compliant. UKMM are committed to using only mailing, email and telephone data that complies with GDPR. All our list are ethically sourced with subscribers willing to receive relevant information. We also offer guidance on how you can maintain your compliance.

Our Key Lists of Architects

Our architectural and building databases are obtained from a number of sources including magazine and journal subscriptions,  exhibition attendees, directories as well as telemarketing and direct mail activities.

RIBAMail – RIBA Architects List

Architectural (private and public sector), surveying and engineering offices, construction companies, interior design offices and commercial organisations

  • Source: Own research, Members
  • QTY: 28,000 RIBA Chartered Members from 3000 companies
  • Selections: Company size, Fax numbers, Geographic, Project, Size of practice, Speciality, Telephone numbers
  • Media: Mailing, Email, Telephone

List of Architecture Practices UK

This list covers architects and key decision makers on non-architectural positions in architecture practices in the UK.

  • QTY: 9262 contacts
  • Selections: Company, Geographic, Job title/ function, Industry, Revenue and others
  • Media: Mailing, Email, Telephone
  • Price: £1750

List of Architects UK

List of individual architects in the UK with email addresses.

  • QTY: 3128 contacts
  • Selections: Company, Geographic, Job title/ function, Industry, Revenue and others
  • Media: Mailing, Email, Telephone
  • Price: £625

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RIBa list of architects

What does the architects list contain?

The information in our database can be filtered down and narrowed by multiple criteria. The list contains the following information for all records:

  • Personal Business email address (not generic)
  • Company Name
  • Company URL
  • Full name for salutation
  • First name
  • Surname
  • Job Title
  • Mailing address with postcode
  • Company Phone Number
  • Industry
  • Revenue size indicator
  • Employee size indicator
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