Engineering companies list

Here is a selection of the best engineering companies lists. They include mailing addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses where available. Contact us for further details.

The files contain engineers of all desciptions as well as other senior executives within engineering companies. List contain contact details of budget holders within their companies. These are essential lists for anyone selling products and services to the engineering sector.

These files cover 96% of the UK’s engineering output.

List Name:     The Engineer
Overview:       Aimed at the broad spectrum of engineering and manufacturing. Decision makers
Source:           Controlled circulation, Paid subscriptions
QTY:                 27,781
Min Order:      £500
Selections:     Company size, Equipment in use, Job title/ function, SIC code
Media:              Mailing, Email, Tele

List Name:     Engineering Companies List
Overview:       Individuals within the 9,500 engineering sites that account for 96% of UK turnover in the process engineering industry
Source:           Telereseach, event attendance and magazine readership
QTY:                12,699
Min Order:       3000 records
Selections:      Company size, Job title/ function, SIC code, location
Media:              Mailing, Email, Tele