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Postal Services

UK and international postal service from UK Marketing Management Ltd. Following your use of UKMM’s mailing services, we are able to distribute your mailshot our uk or international postal services. Postal deregulation and bespoke software enables us to establish the ‘best’ price for both domestic and international mailings.

UK Postal Services

Contracts with the major domestic carriers means we can find the most cost effective solution, dependant on delivery expectations, mailpiece size and weight, quantity of records to be mailed and destination postcode.

UKMM will present your mail packs to our mail providers  in order to allow you to benefit from the most cost efficient tariff. The current list of mail postal tariffs are:-

  • Standard Tariff
  • Mailsort 1,2 and 3
  • Walksort 1 and 2
  • Packet Post

Royal Mail Mailsort, Walksort and Presstream services offer postage discounts on all tariff rates for volume mailings. These savings are dependant upon the quality of your data and the required speed of delivery. A PPI (postage paid impression) will be required to be printed on the face of any envelope used.

International Postal Service

There are a number of service level options available

  • Priority Service – this a very fast and efficient service where your consignment is guaranteed priority delivery
    within 3-5 days in Europe and 4-7 days for the Rest of the World.
  • Standard Service – this again is very efficient and can ensure your consignment arrives within 7-14 days in Europe and 14-21 days for the Rest of the World
  • Economy – very popular and cost effective alternative for non-urgent consignments. Delivery times range between 60 – 90 days.

Call 0870 760 6472 to talk to a representative about your mailing requirements, email us or use the contact us link to send us a brief.

Postal Services