Dow Jones Companies List

Dow Jones Companies List | 855 Companies | 4,596 Contacts

With this Dow Jones Companies List, you will receive a large and comprehensive list of organisations along with contact details of directors, managers and other senior decision-makers. The list includes names, email addresses, telephone numbers and mailing addresses along with categories in which each company falls. For example, you can sort and filter the list by the size of the company, based on number of employees, the amount of revenue they generate, the industry in which they operate, or by their location.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) groups together and lists the top 30 large, publicly owned, blue-chip companies that have the most traded stocks on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Nasdaq. Sometimes known as the Dow 30, Dow Jones is an index that investors use to determine the overall direction of stock prices.

What contact data is accessible via the Dow Jones companies list?

You will get access to email, phone numbers and postal addresses of senior staff members of all 30 companies. The data will also include key fields such as company size, revenue indicator and job titles. By using this contact list you can ensure that you message is being seen by the right people.

Who should use the Dow Jones companies list?

Knowing top 30 companies in the USA is helpful for traders and investors, as this information affects multiple business decisions.

Having contact details of senior people within top 30 companies turns this list into an invaluable marketing tool that allows businesses and entrepreneurs to take their marketing campaigns to the next level.

If you have an idea, service or product that you are willing to pitch to one of these companies, you may find it difficult to fight your way through their fences as it is almost impossible to get through to the right person who would be able to understand the value of your proposition. Our contact list will serve you as a shortcut and will help you to talk directly to the right people in charge.

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Dow Jones Companies List by Job Title

Our database can be filtered by a number of parameters giving you the option to tailor your marketing communications and getting the best possible return on your investment. One of the ways you can filter the Dow Jones Companies List is by job title. Below is the number of contacts we have for each job role.

  • CEO/ Owner – 21 Contacts
  • President – 10 Contacts
  • COO – 36 Contacts
  • CIO/ CTO – 55 Contacts
  • CFO – 17 Contacts
  • CMO – 20 Contacts
  • Other Chief’s – 95 Contacts
  • Partner – 741 Contacts
  • General Manager – 310 Contacts
  • Managing Director – 496 Contacts
  • Other C-Level – 210 Contacts
  • And more…
  • Business Development – 1,980 Contacts
  • Sales – 3,865 Contacts
  • Operations – 2,258 Contacts
  • Compliance – 153 Contacts
  • Facilities – 136 Contacts
  • Branding – 101 Contacts
  • Communications – 392 Contacts
  • Marketing – 2,610 Contacts
  • Product – 905 Contacts
  • Project – 2,367 Contacts
  • IT – 805 Contacts
  • HR – 568 Contacts
  • Finance – 1,079 Contacts
  • Accounting – 128 Contacts
  • Procurement – 145 Contacts
  • Network – 156 Contacts
  • Quality Assurance – 98 Contacts
  • Engineering – 1,121 Contacts
  • Testing – 165 Contacts
  • Quality – 318 Contacts
  • Risk – 163 Contacts
  • Security – 346 Contacts
  • Others – 13,215 Contacts
  • And more…

GDPR Compliant. UKMM are committed to using only mailing, email and telephone data that complies with GDPR. All our list are ethically sourced with subscribers willing to receive relevant information. We also offer guidance on how you can maintain your compliance.

What does the Dow Jones Companies List contain?

stock exchange

Company size
Job type and level
Email address available

Fields include:
Postal address, telephone number, industry sector, company financials, employees, parent company details, name of contact, contacts email address, contacts DDI, contacts position, job area and job level.

The Key features are:
Data is researched every 90 days
Contacts are key decision makers
The file is perfect for Dow Jones email marketing.


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