SAP Users List | 685,319 contacts | 616,787 emails

SAP Customer List

The SAP customer list has been put together for over 10 years. This file provides detailed information on SAP users in the UK, Europe, USA and across the world.  It is a vast collection of 685,319 contacts and 616,787 email addresses of SAP users worldwide. This data resource is designed for practical and effective marketing outreach, connecting you with key decision-makers, IT professionals, and businesses entrenched in SAP software.

The data can be split by SAP product, so you can tailor your marketing to specific SAP software users, ensuring your message resonates with your target audience. We can provide data for the main SAP solutions, such as SAP S/4 Hana (Enterprise Resource Planning on-premise and cloud), SAP Business BYDesign (SME Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning), SAP Business One (Small enterprise ERP), SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) SAR ERP, SAP PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management), SAP SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) and others.

Whether you’re promoting products, services, or seeking partnerships, our SAP Users List offers a straightforward approach to target your audience accurately. Make informed connections, drive meaningful engagements, and facilitate growth within the SAP community with our reliable contact data.

Who should use the SAP Customer List?

The SAP Users Mailing List is derived from a global list of over 1 million companies. The file has business intelligence on the largest organisations in the world. These files are therefore ideal for organisations looking to promote to the ERP market.

The SAP customer list may be helpful if you are:

  • selling software to the ERP market
  • an IT recruitment agency
  • a SAP software developer
  • a company looking for top SAP proficient staff
SAP users list

GDPR Compliant. UKMM are committed to using only mailing, email and telephone data that complies with GDPR. All our lists are ethically sourced and verified. We also offer guidance on how you can maintain your compliance.

ERP Users list

What does the SAP customer list contain?


  • Geography
  • Industry,
  • SAP Version and Module
  • Company size,
  • Job type and level,
  • Email address available

Fields include:
Postal address, telephone number, industry sector, company financials, employees, parent company details, name of contact, contacts email address, contacts DDI, contacts position, job area and job level, SAP version, SAP Modules deployed.

The Key features are:
Data is researched every 90 days
Contacts are key SAP decision makers
Information includes SAP version and SAP Modules
The file is perfect for SAP email marketing.

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Global SAP Customer List: Breakdown by Job Function

  • Finance: 95,945 contacts, 86,350 emails
  • HR: 61,679 contacts, 55,511 emails
  • IT & SAP: 205,596 contacts, 185,036 emails
  • Management: 198,743 contacts, 178,868 emails
  • Operations: 41,119 contacts, 37,007 emails
  • Other: 31,525 contacts, 28,373 emails
  • Purchasing: 27,413 contacts, 24,671 emails
  • SCM: 23,301 contacts, 20,971 emails
SAP Email Marketing

Global SAP Users List: Industry Breakdown

  • Agriculture & Food: 705 companies, 11,852 contacts
  • Mining: 842 companies, 14,159 contacts
  • Construction: 3,182 companies, 53,503 contacts
  • Business Services: 1,752 companies, 29,460 contacts
  • Education: 46 companies, 777 contacts
  • Finance: 2,982 companies, 50,152 contacts
  • Insurance: 599 companies, 10,079 contacts
  • Health: 413 companies, 6,946 contacts
  • Hotels & Restaurants: 653 companies, 10,978 contacts
  • Computer & It Services: 1,987 companies, 33,418 contacts
  • Leisure: 52 companies, 874 contacts
  • Media & Publishing: 417 companies, 7,019 contacts
  • Manufacturing: 14,977 companies, 251,852 contacts
  • Public Sector: 152 companies, 2,550 contacts
  • Pharma & Biotech: 673 companies, 11,318 contacts
  • Legal Services: 6 companies, 97 contacts
  • Oil & Gas: 910 companies, 15,301 contacts
  • Property Services: 1,049 companies, 17,632 contacts
  • Retail: 2,008 companies, 33,758 contacts
  • Telecomms: 927 companies, 15,592 contacts
  • Transport & Travel: 2,242 companies, 37,693 contacts
  • Utilities: 2,207 companies, 37,110 contacts
  • Wholesale: 1,272 companies, 21,396 contacts
  • Leisure: 508 companies, 8,549 contacts
  • Renting: 194 companies, 3,254 contacts

Global SAP Users List: Companies, Contacts, and Email by Country

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Customer Feedback

I have used UK Marketing Management as my primary source for list rental and email marketing for around 10 years. The nature of the campaigns we work on usually involves quite obscure and precise targets and rarely if ever have UK Marketing Management failed to come up with good quality data.
Simon, MD, Marketing Agency⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I was dubious about buying data to help with my email campaigns and required a GDPR-compliant method to do so. UK Marketing Management provided a helpful and extensive data list which met my needs and will ultimately save us a huge amount of research time. I would recommend to others.
Steve, SAP Recruitment Company⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Great service. I've got accurate, high quality data tailored to my exact needs.
Lauren S.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐