Chemical Companies List

The chemicals companies list comprises global chemicals companies that produce industrial chemicals from base oils, polymers, bulk petrochemicals, intermediates and other derivatives. It also includes inorganic chemicals and fertilisers.

The Chemical Companies List below contains the biggest chemical companies in the manufacturing of polymers, petrochemicals and derivatives, but also Lifescience companies producing pharmaceuticals, animal health products, vitamins and pesticides. Consumer products companies are also included such as manufacturers of soaps and detergents. We have also included here a list of oil and gas companies in the UK and worldwide.

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List Name: Chemical companies list
Overview: Named decision makers in the world’s largest chemical companies and petrochemical companies. The list of major chemical companies covers polymers, life science, petrochemicals and other derivatives, oil and gas, and pharmaceuticals. Names (42,688)
Source: Questionnaire, Telephone research
QTY: 6,037
Min Order: 3,000
Selections: Country, E-mail address, Gender, Industry, Job title/ function, Nth name, Number of employees, Turnover
Media: Mailing, Email, Tele
List Name: Largest Chemical Companies
Overview: This is a major file of chemical companies worldwide. Adhesive Technology (3,267 ), Polymers Paint Colour Journal, (7,982 ), Speciality Chemicals (9,579 ), Asia Pacific Coatings (5,874 )
Source: Telemarketing reserach, industry associations, event attendees
QTY: 21,000
Min Order: 5000
Selections: Geographic, Job title/ function, SIC code, Type of organisation
Media: Mailing, Email, Tele
List Name: Oil and Gas companies list
Overview: Named senior decision makers and c-level executives in the world’s largest oil and gas companies, both manufacturers and distributors
Source: Questionnaire, Telephone research,. event attendees
QTY: Over 20,000 contacts in the UK and worldwide
Min Order: 3,000
Selections: Country,  Industry, Job title/ function, Nth name, Number of employees, Turnover
Media: Mailing, Email, Tele