List of IT Companies

This list of IT Companies contains 65,000 IT professionals from 17,000 companies

Our database is the result of 4 years of research. The compilers of the file specialise in this sector and are experts in identifying companies IT specialisms whether that is IT support, IT services, Systems Architecture, Networking or the manufacture of hardware and software.

Who is on the List of IT Companies?

The file contains the contact details of 65,000 professionals working within the sector. These range from CEO’s and Managing Directors through to contacts at director level. It also includes managers and officers across all the disciplines from finance, HR, procurement and operations. It also includes Sales and Marketing contacts.

Who should use the List of IT Companies?

The List of IT Companies is highly recommended for marketers that wish to promote their service to the IT sector. In particular, this is great for other IT companies that want to integrate their offering with that of another company in the sector. The main sector breakdowns are as follows.

The IT Companies Database is ideal for:

  • exhibition organisers
  • a recruitment agencies
  • training companies
  • IT suppliers
  • procurement specialists
List of IT Companies

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List of IT Companies by Sector

Number of companies by sector

  • Manu of Office Machinery & Computers: 755 Companies
  • Manu of computers and processing equipment: 1,492 Companies
  • Custom Software & Technical Consulting: 3,273 Companies
  • Retail Software: 552 Companies
  • Software Development & Design: 9,685 Companies
  • Networks & Internet: 995 Companies
  • PC Repair: 263 Companies
  • PC Resellers: 410 Companies
  • Total: 17,425 Companies

Number of contacts by sector

  • Manu of Office Machinery & Computers: 2,692 Contacts
  • Manu of computers and processing equipment: 5,836 Contacts
  • Custom Software & Technical Consulting: 12,210 Contacts
  • Retail Software: 2,055 Contacts
  • Software Development & Design: 36,226 Contacts
  • Networks & Internet: 3,675 Contacts
  • PC Repair: 1,027 Contacts
  • PC Resellers: 1,492 Contacts
  • Total: 65,213 Contacts

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IT Companies List Examples

We also work with a large selection of databases coming from multiple sources. We will work with you to pick the list or combination of lists that will match your project the best. You can find some examples of the lists we have access to below.

Computer Weekly – Reed Database

Named computer professionals, senior management buyers, specifiers, influencers and users across a wide range of UK business activity

  • Source: Controlled circulation. Reed Business Information publishes one of the worlds major collections of specialist and business journals, which are available on controlled circulation. Computer Weekly is the UK’s leading weekly IT publication, and is annually reverified and updated.
  • QTY: 78,445 (Email contacts = 48,375)
  • Min Order: 1000
  • Selections: Business activity, Company size, Geographic, job title/ function, purchasing power, number of pc’s, annual IT expenditure
  • Media: Mailing, Email, Telephone

List of IT Companies in Europe

MI Europe is an extensive database of senior decision makers in enterprise and corporate organisations across the UK & Europe with approximately 80% personal email coverage and over 130 different job roles to choose from.

  • Source: Information is collected and frequently cleaned by an in-house research team. Each researcher is a fluent speaker of the relevant country. The methods used to collect and clean the information includes: Telephone surveys, Email surveys, Postal surveys, Websites, Annual Reports, Financial/Business/Trade Press.
  • QTY: 100,000+ contacts. Over 50,000 are C-level executives with email addresses
  • Min Order: 1000
  • Selections: Named contact, Number of employees, Product type, Regional, Turnover, Type of organisation
  • Media: Mailing, Email, Telephone

List of IT Companies in the Middle East

Mi Middle East is a database of senior decision makers in major organisations across six of the largest countries in the region.

  • Source: An experienced research team based in the UK has identified the most significant companies in the largest Middle East economies through telephone surveys, email surveys, postal surveys, web sites, annual reports and financial/business/trade press. Every contact and company on the database has been extensively verified to provide a reliable and detailed understanding of the most influential contacts and companies that shape the economic landscape of this hard to reach region.
  • QTY: 1000
  • Min Order: 1000
  • Selections: Named contact, Number of employees, Product type, Regional, Turnover, Type of organisation
  • Media: Mailing, Email, Telephone

List of IT Companies

Largest data processing, IT manufacturing and computer software and service companies throughout the world.

  • Source: Questionnaire, Telephone research
  • QTY: 19,843
  • Min Order: 1,000
  • Selections: Country, Gender, Industry, Job title/ function, Nth name, Number of
  • employees, Turnover
  • Media: Mailing, Email, Telephone

IT Managers and Directors

IT contacts within the top 50,000 companies in the UK. Senior decision makers, IT purchasers and influencers.

  • Source: Thomson Directories, Companies House, Teleresearch
  • QTY: 40,000+
  • Min Order: 2000
  • Selections: Company size, Geographic, SIC code, Turnover, Type of location
  • Media: Mailing, Email, Telephone

The National Computer Index

Computer users in the UK. Data available includes company name, address, up to 6 IT contacts, company details, industry, hardware, communications, development tools and usage categories. Major UK IT end-users.

  • QTY: 15,217
  • Min Order: £250
  • Selections: Business activity, Company size, Named contact, Type of computer, Type of software
  • Media: Mailing, Email, Telephone

UK’s Top 1,000 IT Directors

IT directors and heads of IT for the UK’s top 1,500 companies with a turnover of more than £100 million

  • Source: Own research
  • QTY: 1,000
  • Min Order: 1000
  • Selections: Top 1000
  • Media: Mailing, Email, Telephone

Website Designers List

With named senior decision maker

  • Source: Thomson Directories
  • QTY: 2,535
  • Min Order: £250
  • Selections: Company size, Geographic, SIC code, Type of location, Type of premises
  • Media: Mailing, Email, Telephone

IT Company Database

What does the List of IT Companies contain?

The information in our database can be filtered down and narrowed by multiple criteria. The list contains the following information for all records:

  • Personal Business email address (not generic)
  • Company Name
  • Company URL
  • Full name for salutation
  • First name
  • Surname
  • Job Title
  • Mailing address with postcode
  • Company Phone Number
  • Industry
  • Revenue size indicator
  • Employee size indicator

Customer Feedback

I have used UK Marketing Management as my primary source for list rental and email marketing for around 10 years. The nature of the campaigns we work on usually involves quite obscure and precise targets and rarely if ever have UK Marketing Management failed to come up with good quality data.
Simon, MD, Marketing Agency⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I have worked with UK Marketing Management for more than 10 years, taking their expertise and professionalism with me whenever I’ve moved to new digital marketing positions. They offer the advice, quality and technical ability of a large company, but the flexibility and reaction times of a start up.
Roane, Insurance Company⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I was dubious about buying data to help with my email campaigns and required a GDPR-compliant method to do so. UK Marketing Management provided a helpful and extensive data list which met my needs and will ultimately save us a huge amount of research time. I would recommend to others.
Steve, SAP Recruitment Company⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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