List of Banks in the UK

List of UK Banks | Retail & Investment | Personal Emails & Contact Data

The list of banks in the UK consists of hundreds of companies split by the service they provide: high street or retail banks, business banks, digital banks and investment banks. We also have data available for financial services companies. International and UK data are available.

Monetary Financial Institutions (MFI) include all building societies and banks that have permission to accept deposits in the United Kingdom. As of the 31st of May 2022, there were a total of 357 MFI’s operating in the United Kingdom, 130 of which were UK-headquartered (parent company).   (Source: Statista)

The size of the UK’s bank industry makes it the biggest banking system in Europe and the fourth largest in the world, which therefore turns contact data of UK bank decision-makers into an invaluable resource for your marketing needs.

343 Retail Banks and 4,357 Investment Banks. Each contact includes:

  • Full Name of the Bank Employee
  • A Personal Business Email Address (not generic)
  • Exact Job Title
  • Job level (Executive, Manager, Director, VP, C-level)
  • Bank / Financial Establishment Name and Website Address
  • Full Mailing Address with Postcode
  • Organisation-level Phone & Fax Numbers
  • Bank / Financial Establishment Industry/ Specialty
  • Bank / Financial Establishment Revenue & Employee Size Indicator

Banks Email List Quality Promise

  • Your list is built to your specification; better open rate and lower pricing.
  • Free data samples to give you insight into the quality and field layout.
  • Hundreds of selection criteria: job titles, seniority, industries and sectors, revenue, company size, sic codes or even by keyword.
  • 95% deliverability guarantee.
  • Use data for 12 months after purchase.
  • GDPR and CAN-SPAM Act compliant data.
  • Data is cleansed and verified prior to being sent to you.
  • Email addresses are regularly updated for accuracy and relevance.

List of UK Banks – Retail Banks

With our banks’ database, you can get access to the contact details of 343 retail banks based in the UK or abroad. This database covers independent British retail banks as well as banks set-up by foreign companies. You will get access to contact data of individuals holding senior-level positions, including but limited to CEOs, partners and managing directors.

This list below gives you an idea of how many contacts and companies can you talk to. The list is segmented by job title. The same data can be filtered down by company size, location and others.

  • CEO/ Owner: 72 companies, 79 contacts
  • President: 43 companies, 55 contacts
  • CFO: 15 companies, 36 contacts
  • COO: 10 companies, 24 contacts
  • CMO: 2 companies, 7 contacts
  • Partner: 9 companies, 48 contacts
  • Managing Director: 14 companies, 46 contacts
  • Other C-Level: 7 companies, 18 contacts
  • VP: 21 companies, 96 contacts
  • Director: 56 companies, 321 contacts
  • Manager: 94 companies, 655 contacts
retails banks in the UK

List of Banks Sample Data

Below is a data sample for this database. Request a free data sample to reveal hidden information.

UK Banks List Dummy Data

Company: Smart Banking
Salutation: Mr
Contact Name: John Doe
Job Title: Chief Financial Officer
Job Level: C-Level
Job Function: Financial
Email Address:
Physical Address: 123 Bank Street
City: Birmingham
State: Birmingham
Zip/Post Code: B1 1AB
Country: United Kingdom
Time Zone: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
Phone Number: 0123 456 789
Industry: Financial Services
Annual Revenue: $500 mil. – $1 bil.
Employee Size: 1,000 – 5,000

Sample Data

investment banks sample data

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List of investment banks in the uk

List of Investment Banks in the UK

Just as with retail banks, you can get access to contact data of decisions makers on multiple levels for investment banks within the UK.  Predominantly, this is a list of investment banks in London, but it does cover other financial centres such as Birmingham and Edinburgh. The file contains investment banks operating across all disciplines such as corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), trading of derivatives, equities, currencies and commodities. All the contacts are senior management level. This list holds data for a total of 4357 companies and 16,249 individual contacts.

  • CEO/ Owner: 162 companies, 168 contacts
  • President: 58 companies, 62 contacts
  • CFO: 75 companies, 94 contacts
  • COO: 91 companies, 178 contacts
  • CMO: 4 companies, 6 contacts
  • Partner: 232 companies, 810 contacts
  • Managing Director: 148 companies, 423 contacts
  • Other C-Level: 96 companies, 305 contacts
  • VP: 210 companies, 762 contacts
  • Director: 1426 companies, 5931 contacts
  • Manager: 1855 companies, 7510 contacts