Pension Companies UK List

Pension Companies UK List | List of Companies Offering Pension Services | 2,438 Names and Contact Details

Our database of pension companies in the UK includes contact details of managers, directors and other senior decision-makers with their names, email addresses and telephone numbers. The list can be filtered by industry, company size, number of employees and many other metrics. All of our data is fully GDPR-compliant meaning you can approach all contacts on the list with complete peace of mind. You might also be interested in the list of insurance companies.

Who is on the Pension Companies UK List?

The larger organisations on the list contain contact details at all levels.

For larger companies contact data usually covers their employees specialising in fields such as human resource managementprocurement and supply chain management.

The smaller companies tend to have the Managing Director or business owner as the principal contact.

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Pension Companies UK List by Job Title

Our database can be filtered by a variety of different parameters to allow you to tailor your marketing communications accordingly, giving you the best possible return on your investment. Below is the number of contacts we have for each job role within these pension companies.

  • CEO/ Owner – 55 Contacts
  • CFO – 16 Contacts
  • COO – 14 Contacts
  • CIO/ CTO – 13 Contacts
  • Managing Director – 28 Contacts
  • Partner – 20 Contacts
  • General Manager – 23 Contacts
  • Vice President – 69 Contacts
  • Directors – 547 Contacts
  • Managers – 1,298 Contacts
  • All – 400 Contacts

List of Pension Companies by Revenue

If you are looking to contact small, medium, or large pension companies, our lists can be filtered by their revenue size, meaning you can approach your exact target audience with confidence. The below list shows the number of names, email addresses and telephone numbers we have for each revenue bracket.

  • $500,000 – $1 mil. – 52 Contacts
  • $1 mil. – $5 mil. – 127 Contacts
  • $5 mil. – $10 mil. – 210 Contacts
  • $10 mil. – $25 mil. – 165 Contacts
  • $25 mil. – $50 mil. – 497 Contacts
  • $50 mil. – $100 mil. – 224 Contacts
  • $100 mil. – $250 mil. – 172 Contacts
  • $250 mil. – $500 mil. – 110 Contacts
  • $500 mil. – $1 bil. – 179 Contacts
  • $1 bil. – $5 bil. – 306 Contacts
  • Over $5 bil. – 441 Contacts

27 Largest Pension Funds in the UK

Below is a list of the largest pension funds in the UK based on the value of assets they have under management in billion pounds sterling.

  • Universities Superannuation Scheme – £60.55bn Assets Under Management
  • BT Pension Scheme –  £49.34bn Assets Under Management
  • RBS Group Pension Fund – £44.10bn Assets Under Management
  • Electricity Pensions Trustee Ltd. – £31.90bn Assets Under Management
  • Barclays Bank UK Retirement Fund – £31.82bn Assets Under Management
  • HSBC Bank Pension Trust (UK) Limited – £27.32bn Assets Under Management
  • Railways Pension Scheme – £25.48bn Assets Under Management
  • BP Pension Fund – £24.45bn Assets Under Management
  • Greater Manchester Pension Fund – £21.27bn Assets Under Management
  • Lloyds Bank Pension Scheme – £19.83bn Assets Under Management
  • Strathclyde – £19.69bn Assets Under Management
  • National Grid UK Pension Scheme – £16.84bn Assets Under Management
  • British Airways Pensions – £16.06bn Assets Under Management
  • Shell Contributory Pension Fund – £15.95bn Assets Under Management
  • BBC Pension Trust Ltd – £15.84bn Assets Under Management
  • British Steel Pension Scheme – £15.05bn Assets Under Management
  • HBOS Final Salary Pension Scheme – £14.76bn Assets Under Management
  • Aviva Staff Pension Scheme – £14.40bn Assets Under Management
  • West Midlands Pension Fund – £14.29bn Assets Under Management
  • West Yorkshire Pension Fund – £13.63bn Assets Under Management
  • Rolls-Royce Pension Scheme – £13.35bn Assets Under Management
  • Tesco Pension Scheme – £13.20bn Assets Under Management
  • BAE Systems Main Scheme – £13.01bn Assets Under Management
  • Ford Pension Fund – £11.96bn Assets Under Management
  • Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme – £11.40bn Assets Under Management
  • London Pension Fund Authority – £5.60bn Assets Under Management
  • Parliamentary Contributory Pension Fund – £0.73bn Assets Under Management

GDPR Compliant. UKMM are committed to using only mailing, email and telephone data that complies with GDPR. We also offer guidance on how you can maintain your compliance.

What Does the Pension Companies UK List Contain?

The information in our database can be filtered down and narrowed by multiple criteria. The list contains the following information for all records.


  • Personal Business email address (not generic)
  • Company Name
  • Company URL
  • Full name for salutation
  • First name
  • Surname
  • Job Title
  • Mailing address with postcode
  • Company Phone Number
  • Fax Number where available
  • Industry
  • Revenue size indicator
  • Employee size indicator


It has been a pleasure to work with you on a number of campaigns this year. Using data from UKMM we are able to tap new contacts in our target countries. I'm confident that when I send our campaign brief we would receive a count for a carefully selected segment of your database.
Cherry, Royal Society⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
UK Marketing Management gave us detailed advice on the data source that most suited our business needs and provided the data swiftly and in a user friendly format. We have now used the company's services twice and are impressed by it's efficient and targeted approach.
Stephen, Joint Managing Director, Films Production Company⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I recently purchased some manufacturing data from UK Marketing Management. The data covered the Aerospace, Defence, Oil & Gas and Precision Engineering sectors. The breadth and depth of the data they have is impressive. I would recommend to any company looking for quality data
Tony, Engineering Company⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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