Library Business Email List

Contact Librarians in the UK or Worldwide with this Library Business Email List

The library business email database provides access to contact details of hundreds of librarians in charge in the UK and abroad, from supervisors up to corporate systems managers and deputy directors. This email list covers both: public and privately owned libraries and is perfect if you are looking to promote an IT solution, book or publishing house.

22,799 Librarian Contacts. Each Record Includes:

  • Librarian’s Full Name
  • Librarian’s Personal Business Email Address (not generic)
  • Exact Job Title
  • Library’s Name and Website Address
  • Librarian’s Full Mailing Address with Postcode
  • Librarian’s Phone & Fax Numbers
  • Library’s Revenue & Employee Size Indicator

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  • Your list will be built to your specification
  • 95% deliverability guarantee
  • Free hard bounce replacement 1:1 over the threshold
  • GDPR-compliant data
  • Email addresses are regularly updated for accuracy and relevance
  • Use data for 12 months after purchase
  • Data is cleansed and verified prior to being sent to you
  • A personal account manager who will choose the best data selection for your project

Library Business Email List by Job Title

The list can be narrowed down by multiple criteria, depending on the needs of your project. A few common examples of librarian job titles can be found below:

Library Business Email List
  • Library Owners or CEO
  • Library Directors
  • Library Managers
  • Library Assistants or Technicians
  • Librarians and Library Supervisors
  • Registry Systems Developers
  • Database Managers
  • Digital Librarians

Other professionals employed in libraries may be employed in fields such as HR, accounting or IT. IT departments and IT support are incredibly important for larger libraries, as they heavily rely on library management systems for their day-to-day operations.

GDPR Compliant. UKMM are committed to using only mailing, email and telephone data that complies with GDPR. We also offer guidance on how you can maintain your compliance.

Who Should Use the Library Business Email List?

This email list provides direct access to the inboxes of people responsible for managing budgets and acquiring stock for libraries. These are the people who will be making the decision on library refurbishment and IT systems upgrades. Library managers often work with local communities and are often interested in improving their learning and development offering. All in all, senior librarians take responsibility for the strategic development of library services.

Libraries provide a broad range of services, not limited to books. They can rent out other types of media such as CDs and DVDs. They actively work with digital content, providing their members with access to digital copies of books, newspapers and audio recordings. Libraries are also often equipped with computers, printers and copiers for public use. This wide range of services makes working with libraries more appealing than ever.

The librarian email list is helpful for:

  • Library management systems providers
  • Architects and interior designers
  • Facility management companies
  • IT infrastructure providers
  • Publishers and book shops
  • Workshop providers and public speakers
  • Local communities & artists
Library Email LIst - Library Shelves

Library Email List By Country

Should you wish to contact librarians abroad, that is also possible. All contacts come with an email address, phone number, company name and other helpful fields. All contacts are English speakers employed on decision-making roles. Data is valid as of 30/06/2022. Please contact us to get the up-to-date count, as we are likely to have more data now.

  • Africa: 755 emails
  • Australia: 1,260 emails
  • Argentina: 11 emails
  • Austria: 32 emails
  • Belgium: 54 emails
  • Brazil: 21 emails
  • China: 106 emails
  • Canada: 1,355 emails
  • Denmark: 47 emails
  • Finland: 65 emails
  • France: 31 emails
  • India: 552 emails
  • Indonesia: 96 emails
  • Ireland: 184 emails
  • Israel: 72 emails
  • Italy: 115 emails
  • Japan: 42 emails
  • Kenya: 38 emails
  • Korea: 49 emails
  • Kuwait: 21 emails
  • Malaysia: 136 emails
  • Mexico: 32 emails
  • Netherlands: 68 emails
  • Nigeria: 55 emails
  • Norway: 81 emails
  • Qatar: 32 emails
  • Poland: 46 emails
  • Russia: 25 emails
  • Saudi Arabia: 63 emails
  • Singapore: 138 emails
  • Spain: 55 emails
  • Sweden: 67 emails
  • Switzerland: 36 emails
  • Taiwan: 42 emails
  • Thailand: 49 emails
  • Turkey: 51 emails
  • UK: 1,492 emails
  • United Arab Emirates: 158 emails
  • USA: 15,267 emails