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Fat Prophets

The database has increased by about 10,000 records over the last 5 months due to extensive marketing producing fresh users. Founded in 2000, Fat Prophets has grown to become the world’s leading independent stockmarket research houses.

We achieve our mission by advising our investment savvy members exactly what shares to buy, what investments to make, at what price and when to sell to maximize their potential returns. Our analysts are often seen on Bloomberg, CNBC and Sky News television. Our information is relevant to traders and investors with extensive portfolios.

Volume: 51k

Traders Q

Traders Magazine appeals to a wide variety of traders and investors across age groups and income levels. They are considered to be the first choice in Europe for speculators coming into contact with Property Investment, CFD trading, warrants trading, as well as outright speculation on futures and options.  The magazine caters for scalpers, swing traders, momentum players, portfolio investors, trend followers, day traders and probably any other denomination within the active trading and investment  community. The users are predominantly affluent males over 40.

Volume: 80k

Advanced Financial Network

ADVFN were the first to deliver professional trading information to UK private investors in 1999, and now provides unrivalled access to stock exchange information from around the world to over 2 million registered users.  Our primary user base is 30 – 54 year old males of high net worth, that are trading and investing on a daily and weekly basis.

Volume: 120k

Advisory Trader

This continues to be one of the best high new investment lists in the market. High net worth investors that have previously invested a minimum of £30k+ into a discretionary stockbroker.

The list is proven against high entry level, high risk investment. Best of all this is a very recent and fresh list, and has only been hit by very few third party offers.

Here at Advisory Trader we are offering select, relevant and reputable partners the opportunity to communicate directly to our 80k opted in traders. We offer a CFD and spreadbetting advisory service as well as news, research and tips to all levels of traders. All users have signed up to our service and opted in to receive third party opportunities.

Volume: 80k

Motley Fool

Motley Fool is the one of the best email lists in the UK for investment campaigns.

Motley Fool UK was formed in 1997 and is recognized as the UK’s leading online finance community sites. The website offers consumers personal finance and investments content, financial comparison and community tools and services. ‘Fools’ are typically older (average user age is 47), wiser (55% degree educated), wealthier (average personal income is £35k, (76% are active investors), more secure (80% are homeowners) and active online (50% visit the site weekly). The site has over 300k active investors and 1.2m members

Volume: 324k

Investment International

Investment International  users have an average of £1m investment portfolio so the leads are exceptional.

Investment International Database consists of past and present subscribers to publications, yearbooks and tip sheets as well as investment guide registrants. Mostly male investors over the age of 45. Majority of users have lived in their current property for 10+ years. Majority of users (66%) fall into an investment band (including property investment) of £1,000,000+

Names have been collected over the past 16 months and were recently audited via Matrix Data Solutions for PAF validation.

Volume: Investment International:  129k

Interactive Investor now celebrates being the World’s number one investment service website (sourced: ALEXA 2010) after doubling its users in the last year. This success is down to improved content, including iiTV HD shows taking a look at the city news.

•     Attracting 1,182,616 unique users a month.
•     Generating 28,816,958 page impressions a month (Sourced Forrester 2010)
•     AB Audience ranges from private investors through to CEOs and other influential decision makers.

Users are actively accessing information to benefit their financial situation on a regular basis from the website. Since last year the average dwell on the site has increased to 16:00 minutes+ per visit. This shows the users are engaged with the improved site, and being exposed to advertising campaigns for longer.


MoneyWeek provides intelligent, easy-to-read analysis of the week’s financial news, with practical investment advice for private investors. MoneyWeek covers all areas of investing – property, shares, funds, commodities etc. – both in the UK and globally.92% male, 35-64 years old, 23% board directors, average value of investments is £631,26,  average personal income is £81,840.

Volume: 102k

MoneyWeek Saver

MoneyWeek Saver is a free newsletter published by MoneyWeek Limited which is authorised and regulated by the FSA. It’s business is a mix of FSA regulated activities (predominantly the giving of non-personal investment advice in the form of newsletters) and activities which are not regulated by the FSA (such as publishing MoneyWeek magazine).  MoneyWeek Saver is one of the unregulated publications because the principal purpose of it is not to give investment advice.

Subscribers to MoneyWeek Saver have all opted in to receive the service.  They will have done so through promotions in other titles.

Volume: 21k

Love money

Love money provides the UK’S biggest finance and investments portal. Users can be sorted by demographics in interests including investment type (including funds, stocks or commodities). Newsletter volumes 360k (with interest in investment)

Property Investor Media

This is information captured from investors that have attended one of the bi-annual property investment shows.

Property Investor Media is best known for organizing the ‘Property Investor’ and ‘Homebuyer’ property exhibitions held annually in the UK since 1989.   85%+ of the investors on the database fall within the ‘AB’ socio economic group. The explanation for this is that the dataowners focus their efforts on attracting the “upper end of The Sunday Times” audience. The  investor database has been built up over several years and comprises previous visitors to the  ‘Property Investor / Homebuyer’ exhibitions plus others who subscribed to newsletters or have opted in to receive relevant emails.

The typical investor on this list is male, aged 35-60, earns 2-3 times UK national average salary. The majority (80%+) already own investment properties (with ’4′ being the arithmetic average).  Most are cash-rich and do not rely on borrowing to fund their investments, with 40% stating that they have at least £50k available (in liquid funds) for investment in property or other investment asset classes.

Volume: 93k

Investor Today

Website:  & newsletter 3 times a week.

Database Profile: 25-45 Age Group, AB – Socio Economic Group interested in generating high returns from stocks & shares, property, day trading etc

Volume: 40k


Currently has around 30,248 very high quality traders and investors with diversified portfolios

18% own an equity portfolio worth over £250,000
38% own an equity portfolio worth over £100,000
30% have already traded commodities
38% have spread bet – meaning that this audience is prepared to risk capital
1 in 4 have traded CFDs
1 in 4 have traded Forex

Share Crazy

Currently has around 25,758 traders and investors – strong relationship with ShareCrazy as many hold share dealing accounts. This audience is interested in a range of investment and trading options and has the capital to back them

15% own an equity portfolio worth over £250,000
35% own an equity portfolio worth over £100,000
28% have already traded commodities
36% have already spread bet – meaning that this audience is prepared to risk capital
1 in 5 have traded CFDs
1 in 4 have traded Forex

Investor Email Lists