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List of Companies Using Cognos

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Here at UKMM, we pride ourselves on being a multi-service direct mail, data and email marketing agency. With a mission to provide exceptional quality marketing data, and with access to 2000 quality databases worldwide (that’s around 6 million emails!), we are confident we have what you’re looking for.

About IBM Cognos Analytics

Cognos Analytics by IBM is a single, easy-to-use, self-service analytics tool that uses AI to uncover hidden patterns, give unbiased insights and explore different business scenarios. It allows businesses to run their entire organisation with one intelligent tool. It is faster and smarter, with all data in one place so companies can make decisions with confidence.

The clever use of artificial intelligence enables Cognos to make fast reliable insights as well as predictive analytics. It can create dynamic visualisations to suit everyone, and also allows companies to easily share data and collaborate with their team. Ultimately, it’s all the answers a company needs, in one place.

If the types of companies that use Cognos are your audience, we have up-to-date contact details for you.

List of companies using Cognos – Sample Data

Below is a data sample for this database. Request a free data sample to reveal the hidden information.

List of Companies Using Cognos – Dummy Data

Company Name Hivo UK
Website Address
Salutation Mrs.
Contact Name Julie Smith
First Name Julie
Last Name Smith
Job Title Account Director
Job Level Director-Level
Job Function Account
Email Address
Physical Address 34 Whitchurch Road
City Hickling
State Norfolk
Zip/Post Code NR12 4FP
Country United Kingdom
Geography Europe
Time Zone Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
Phone Number 44 123 456 789
Fax Number ̶44 123 456 789
Industry Information Technology
Annual Revenue $100 mil. – $200 mil.
Employee Size 500 – 1,000
Category Cognos Users

Sample Data

cognos sample data

List of Companies Using Cognos by Job Title

Our databases of companies and contact details can be sorted and filtered by a number of different parameters, for example, job title. To execute a successful marketing campaign, it is strongly recommended to section your target audience into different sub-categories. This way, you can tailor your communications to be as relevant as possible to each contact and therefore ensure the best possible chance of a conversion. The below list shows how many contacts we have in our list of companies using Cognos, filtered by their job title.

  • Owner/ Founder – 380 Contacts
  • CEO – 306 Contacts
  • President – 495 Contacts
  • Partners – 127 Contacts
  • Managing Director – 102 Contacts
  • General Managers – 142 Contacts
  • CIO/ CTO – 101 Contacts
  • CMO – 67 Contacts
  • COO – 86 Contacts
  • CFO – 97 Contacts
  • Controller – 135 Contacts
  • Other Chief’s – 163 Contacts
  • Executive Director – 62 Contacts
  • IT Executives – 618 Contacts
  • Finance Executives – 80 Contacts
  • HR Executives – 47 Contacts
  • Marketing Executives – 82 Contacts
  • Operations Executives – 185 Contacts
  • Sales Executives – 178 Contacts
  • Business Development Executives – 62 Contacts
  • Accounting Executives – 49 Contacts
  • Office Manager – 8 Contacts
  • Others – 1,452 Contacts

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